I am searching my father, his children or relatives in Belarus.

Wassili Komissarow  ( Vasil, Wasil? )

different first name is possible, more personal details are unknown.

He was a member of the Red Army, an officer, from Belarus. Until summer 1946 he stayed in the little town Zittau, Saxony - Germany.

He had a love affair with my mother.

Edeltraud Michler, at that time named Friedländer 

living in Großhennersdorf.

My mother was 26 of age in 1946. My father was older, married and had two children in Belarus.

When he was in Großhennersdorf, he saw my grandma, left a photo and cap. Both are not existing anymore.

He knew that my mother was pregnant, then, in the summer he disappeared from one day to the other.


My mother told me, a friend visited her in 1947 in Großhennersdorf and saw me. He told her, that my father escaped to the UK. My mother must have known details about this plan.

He wanted her to go with him.

Did he reach the West and has been living there under a different name?

Was he captured and put into Russian prison?

Did he reach his home in Belarus?

Who can give me more information and answers?

Birgrit Michler

born April 1947 in Großhennersdorf

Phone 0049 (0) 3583 510268

living in Zittau/ Deutschland

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